Toltec Dawn by R. J. Hore |@kurtsprings1 #review #alternativehistory

Author: R. J. Hore

Book: Toltec Dawn (Toltec Kahn #1)

Published: August 2016

Publisher: eTreasures Publishing LLC.

Genre: Thriller

Source: eBook



Toltec Dawn follows the adventures of three people. Fergus mac Ogma is an Irish man who has become an acolyte to the god Tezcatlipoca. His ambitions have put many Christians on Tozcatlipoca’s alters. How much and who is he willing to sacrifice. Captain Mixcoatl commands a Toltec garrison at St. Alban’s near London. When the governor strips England’s garrisons to attempt another invasion of the continent, the Scots see an opportunity. Rowena is a Saxon girl who finds herself as part of Captain Mixcoatl’s household. When Normans who support the Scots’ invasions take her, she finds her loyalties tested.


Toltec Dawn uses an author’s greatest tool: the question “What if …?”

Suppose Chinese traders had visited the Toltec empire and given them the knowledge of metalworking, firearms, and how to travel across the ocean. Suppose the Toltecs invaded the British Isles intending to conquer Europe. While my specialty in archaeology is not Mesoamerica, I know something about Mesoamerican archaeology and found the story intriguing. R. J. Hore moved the contact period from the Sixteenth to the Thirteenth Century and reversed it, with Native American troops trying to convert the “heathen Christians.”

The storytelling was good, and the concept was intriguing. While R. J. Hore opted for an episodic structure for the story, with no clear protagonist, it was enjoyable.

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