Johnny Lycan & The Anubis Disk by Wayne Turmel @Wturmel | @kurtsprings1 #review #werewolves

Author: Wayne Turmel

Book: Johnny Lycan & The Anubis Disk

Published: November 2020

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback



Johnny Lycan has his private investigator’s license and has finished his first successful case: free his former boss’s daughter from some Russian gangsters. He’s also a werewolf and had to rescue her in this form. His first success catches the attention of a rich, eccentric client who wants him to retrieve “occult” objects. His first task is to recover the Anubis Disk. However, there are some complications. He accidentally infected one of the Russian mobsters with lycanthropy, and the mobster is violent at the best of times. The Anubis Disk is not only magical but will suck a person’s blood in short order.

Then the girl he rescued comes around looking for answers.


Wayne Turmel has written a fun and witty urban fantasy, putting a different take on werewolves with his character: Johnny Lycan. Johnny has made a type of peace with his alter-ego. He even calls him “Shaggy.” He lives with his best friend and financial advisor, Bill, and Bill’s grandmother, who is a Romani “gypsy” that even werewolves should fear. Johnny is, by his own admission, no rocket scientist. He does not possess the aptitude to run a smartphone. His plans often don’t “go according to plan.” Dealing with the monthly lunar cycle leads to hormonal mood swings that he must keep ahead of. His first successful case brought him to the attention of an eccentric billionaire interested in occult objects. It seemed like an easy payday until Johnny realizes that being a werewolf is the most normal he has to deal with.

The story is quirky and has many amusing moments. There were one or two typos the editors didn’t catch, but Johnny Lycan & the Anubis Disk proved an enjoyable read.

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