Toltec Dawn by R. J. Hore |@kurtsprings1 #review #alternativehistory

Author: R. J. Hore Book: Toltec Dawn (Toltec Kahn #1) Published: August 2016 Publisher: eTreasures Publishing LLC. Genre: Thriller Source: eBook Rating: Synopsis: Toltec Dawn follows the adventures of three people. Fergus mac Ogma is an Irish man who has become an acolyte to the god Tezcatlipoca. His ambitions have put many Christians on Tozcatlipoca’s alters. […]

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Fortunate Son by Shane Gries @Shane88736787 | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction

Author: Shane Gries Book: Fortunate Son Published: October 2021 Publisher: Kindle Genre: Science Fiction Source: eBook Rating Synopsis: Jeremy Wilkes is a historian doing research in the year 2039. He arrives at a reunion for the 32nd Infantry Division. Here, a group of old veterans regales the young lad with impossible tales of their exploits in […]

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Conceptus by Brian Herskowitz @Bherskowitz | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

Author: Brian Herskowitz Book: Conceptus Published: October 2021 Publisher: BookLocker Genre: Mystery Source: PDF Note: The author provided this book in exchange for an honest review Rating: Synopsis: At the age of fourteen, Laura Drummond is attacked on the way home from a dance and left for dead. Fast forward, she is a homicide detective […]

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Deep State by Chris Haughty @ChrisHauty | @kurtsprings1 #review #political_thriller

Author: Chris Hauty Book: Deep State Published: January 2020 Publisher: Pocket Books Genre: Thriller Source: Paperback Rating Synopsis: Haley Chill has fought all her life. She left her impoverished, West Virginia childhood behind her to join the army and become a member of the infantry, where she excelled at boxing. She is used to fighting. […]

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Gilraën and the Guilds by Joanne Reid | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: Joanne Reid Book: Gilraën and the Guilds: Gilraën and the Doom of the Adjudicars (Jaralii Chronicles #5) Published: January 2021 Publisher: Amazon Genre: FantasySource: eBook Rating: Reviewer’s note: I want to apologize to my normal readers and to Joanne Reid for the lateness in finishing this book. My father fell in mid-February and helping […]

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Daddy Soda by Mira Gibson @mirabison | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

Author: Mira Gibson Book: Daddy Soda (New Hampshire Mystery #1) Published: November 2015 Publisher: Mira Gibson Genre: Mystery Source: Paperback Rating: Synopsis: Hannah Cole is a receptionist at the police department in Gilford, New Hampshire. She has worked hard to forget her turbulent upbringing. She has not spoken to her overbearing mother or two half-sisters […]

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He Who Walks in Shadow by Brett J. Talley @brettjtalley | @kurtsprings1 #review #cosmichorror

Author: Brett J. Talley Book: He Who Walks in Shadow (That Which Should Not Be #2) Published: May 2015 Publisher: JournalStone Genre: Horror Source: Paperback         Rating: Synopsis: He Who Walks in Shadow begins with the Carter Weston going missing and presumed dead. The book he guards, Incedium Maleficarum, is nowhere to […]

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Bone Guard Two by E. Chris Ambrose @ecambrose | @kurtsprings1 #Review #Adventure

Author: E. Chris Ambrose Book: Bone Guard Two: The Nazi Skull Published: July 2019 Publisher: Rocinante Genre: Thriller Source: Paperback       Rating: Synopsis: Upon the Bone Guard completing their latest mission, Grant gets word from the reservation where he grew up. Someone broke into the tribal center and attacked his grandfather. He returns […]

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