Zombie Lake by Javan Bonds @ JavanBonds | @kurtsprings1 #review #horror

Author: Javan Bonds

Book: Zombie Lake (Still Alive #1)

Published: December 27, 2016

Publisher: If I Only Had a Monkey Publishing

Genre: Horror

Source: eBook



When the zombie apocalypse hits, Mo Collins and Crow were aboard their reconstructed pirate ship, the Viva Ancora. The rest of the crew is either dead or infected. Blue, naked zombies have flooded the Alabama lake town Mo called home in his childhood. Mo and Crow fish off the boat and watch the zombies roam the town seeking untainted flesh.

A chance encounter with survivors changes the direction of Mo and Crow’s existence. Now they must create something worth living for.


Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of the zombie apocalypse subgenre. That said, I have found some I like, so I decided to give Zombie Lake a try. It is an interesting take on the subgenre. In addition, it explains how (at least in Javan Bonds’s universe) the zombie infection works.

Javan Bonds wrote Zombie Lake in almost a “tongue in cheek” fashion. What if, after being a fan of zombie apocalypse movies and TV shows, you found yourself in one? People might start drawing parallels to The Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead to their current situation. You might start looking for The Expert, The Tech, The Oracle, The Sacrifice, etc. If you like zombie apocalypse, you should give it a read. If you aren’t a fan, it won’t make you a fan.

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