I am an adjunct professor at Manchester Community College in Manchester New Hampshire. I also write science fiction myself. Check out my webpage if your are interested. www.kurtsprings.com

On this site I do book reviews of the various sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and thriller. I no longer accept other types of books for review. Up until January 2015, Kurt’s Frontier featured on Invincible Love of Reading. Due to health considerations, the moderator could no longer keep the sight up and I struck off on my own.  It have been a fun excuse to read my favorite types of books.

Please keep in mind, I have a large to be read list also called a TBR. I can there for make no guarantees as to when something will be read and reviewed. While I accept requests for reviews, a review is not guaranteed and I reserve the right to refuse. All reviews are honest and (this is important) my opinion. If I decide to review a work, a good review is not guaranteed. Review requests should be made through my contact page and include your name, title of the book, a bit about it, and anything else you think could inform my decision. A link to your Goodreads page is helpful as well as your twitter address (if you have either).

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kurt, thanks for stopping by and reading my post on the things we writers are not told before we start writing. I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to “like” it. You are a busy man! But it appears to me you’re doing all things well. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks GOLDFROST91. I should point out that the Manchester I live in is in New Hampshire. I think almost every state in the USA has a town or city named Manchester for some reason. Forgive me if my assumption is in correct but you sound like you are in Manchester England.

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      1. Manchester, NH, born an raised! I recognized the college you work at. I actually went to West High School, I can see how my language was misleading though. Small world!

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