Necessary Evil by Killarney Traynor @killarneytray | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

Author: Killarney Traynor Book: Necessary Evil Published: October 2015 Publisher: Createspace Genre: Mystery Source: Paperback         Rating: Synopsis: Several years ago, Maddie Warwick’s uncle was killed in an accident resulting from the negligence of amateur treasure hunters. With holes endangering her family’s horse farm, she forges a letter to disprove the existence […]

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Beren and Lúthien by J. R. R. Tolien | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: J. R. R. Tolkien (edited by Christopher Tolkien) Book: Beren and Lúthien Published: June 2017 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Genre: Fantasy Source: Hardcover       Rating:  Synopsis: The story of Beren, son of Barahir (human) and the elf maid Lúthien takes place in the Eldar Days, the First Age of Middle Earth. Because […]

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Beyond Legend by Heather McLaren @heather8mclaren | @kurtsprings 1 #review #urbanfantasy

Author: Heather McLaren Book: Beyond Legend (Mer Chronicles #2) Published: March 2019 Publisher: Zumaya Embraces Genre: Fantasy Source: eBook         Rating:  This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: For the human David and the mermaid Faryn, life seems to be getting better. The sea demons […]

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Compulsion by K. B. Miller @kbmillerbooks | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: K. B. Miller Book: Compulsion (Moon Coven #1) Published: November 2011 Publisher: BKC Publishing Genre: Fantasy Source: eBook         Rating: Synopsis: Lilyann Moon has finally escaped to college when she receives word that her beloved grandmother has died under mysterious circumstances. Devastated, Lily returns to her hometown to help settle her […]

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Arabella of Mars by David D. Levine @daviddlevine | kurtsprings1 #review #steampunk

Author: David D. Levine Book: Arabella of Mars (The Adventures of Arabella Ashby #1) Published: May 2017 Publisher: Tor Books Genre: Steampunk Source: Paperback     Rating:  Synopsis: A novel of adventure, romance, intrigue, and space travel—in the age of Napoleon. Arabella Ashby is a young woman growing up on the untamed frontier of Mars. […]

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