Shadow Frost by Coco Ma @shadowfrost2019 | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: Coco Ma (shadowfrost2019)

Book: Shadow Frost (Shadow Frost #1)

Published: October 2019

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Hardcover


Again, apologies for the lag between postings. Partially, I think I’m still coming to terms with Dad’s death. However, I also needed to do some work to get my books ready for my agent so she could start looking for a publisher. I think I have it mostly done, so fingers crossed, I’m hoping to get more reading (and writing) done. Also, as soon as I post this review, I will be posting something to do with my own writing. Stay tuned.


A mysterious demon is terrorizing the kingdom of Axaria. Princess Asterin Faelenhart may be the only one who has the power to stop it. Though she does not yet fully understand her powers, she swears to destroy the demon or die in the attempt. Considering how many trained soldiers failed to return, dying in the attempt is a real possibility. When the princess and her companions set out, powers other than the demon’s maneuver to assassinate her. Webs of deceit begin to untangle, with the trail leading back to themselves. They are left with decisions to make that could unravel everything they accepted as true, including who the real enemy is.


Coco Ma has done an excellent bit of world-building. The elemental magic system is intriguing. The common focuses for magic users are affinity stones. My favorite part of the storytelling is the character interactionz. Even the demon proves somewhat quirky. Asterin’s magical powers are not limited to one or two elements. She can use all of them and potentially without the use of affinity stones.

When reports come in that a demon is destroying villages, the queen sends soldiers out to deal with it. None have ever returned. Asterin takes on the task herself. Once the quest begins, she finds that everything, including the demon himself, is more complicated than she thought. The story slowed in places, but it proved a fun read. I’ve already purchased the sequel.

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