Invasion of Blood by Joseph Mazzenga | @kurtspings1 #review #sciencefictionhorror

Author: Joseph Mazzenga

Book: Invasion of Blood

Published: September 2011

Publisher: Whisper Publishing

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook



Humanity was extinct. Thousands of years of cultural evolution, and hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution had come to a violent end in a V’ry Empire bombardment that left Earth a molten waste. Captain M’Tal could retire with a celebrated career in the V’ry military under his belt. Yet life remained on the burned-out hulk of Earth, and M’Tal despised humans. He would make these survivors wish they’d died with their planet.

There was just one problem. The survivors weren’t human.


Joseph Mazzenga’s Invasion of Blood is a science fiction, horror short story. (I don’t do a lot of short stories.) The structure can be termed a twist-end story. The alien V’ry have exterminated humanity in a genocidal campaign. Earth is dead, but something survived. Captain M’Tal thinks it’s humans who managed to survive the bombardment. But humanity is extinct.

What if the human was protecting the universe from something far worse? I loved the irony in this story.

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