The Turquoise Spider by Mikala Ash @ash_mikala | @kurtsprings1 #review #steampunk

Author: Mikala Ash

Book: The Turquoise Spider (Elizabeth Hunter-Payne Steampunk Adventures #1)

Published: June 2020

Publisher: Changeling Press

Genre: Steampunk

Source: eBook


Warning: there are explicit scenes of a sexual nature in this novella. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t read it.


Elizabeth Hunter-Payne is not your typical Victorian London widow. With time to kill after the death of her beloved husband, she has started her investigation bureau. Her first official client wants her to recover an automation that is beyond price: a Turquoise Spider. She must also find the son of the person who sent it to her client. As she enters the seedy underworld of London, can she recover the spider, the young man, and extract herself and her aid alive and with her reputation intact.


The Turquoise Spider is a steampunk novella set in an alternative Victorian London in 1859. The adventurous widow, one Elizabeth Hunter-Payne, has taken on her first paying assignment. To recover a valuable Turquoise Spider and its courier. Once she enters the seedy House of Introductions, she faces betrayal and temptation.

The story reads quickly. Its shorter length condenses the action and suspense, so it was a wise choice to keep it a novella-length. Elizabeth is a sympathetic protagonist who is still mourning the death of her husband. There are erotic scenes in this novel; however, they aren’t overwhelming. They’re more part of the story than the point of the story. If you can get past (or enjoy) the erotic elements, the story is quite captivating.

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