Slewfoot by Brom @geraldbrom | kurtsprings1 #review #darkfantasy

Author: Gerald Brom

Book: Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery

Published: September 2021

Publisher: Tor Nightfire

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Source: Hardcover



Abitha is a spirited young English woman, married to a kind man from a Puritan community in Colonial New England. When an ancient woodland spirit, known as Slewfoot, accidentally kills her husband on awakening, she is left alone in a pious, patriarchal society, trying to retain what little freedom she has. With her brother-in-law trying to seize her farm, she must find a way to make her last payment or become his servant.

Slewfoot has problems of his own, trying to remember a fragmented past. He latches onto Albitha as someone who can help him. But with other spirits on the move and villagers dying, people start to whisper about a witch. Abitha and Slewfoot must swiftly decide who they are and what they need to do.


Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery is set in a puritan community of Colonial Connecticut. Abitha was sent to this community to marry Edward, a God-fearing puritan but a kindly man. His death leaves Abitha vulnerable in a society too willing to condemn uncanny occurrences as witchcraft. The tone of this novel is dark and wild, like the wild folk who follow Slewfoot. Abitha is an easy character to connect with, trying to remain true to herself against a community that wants subservience. It is a tale of wild magic that keeps the reader turning the pages.

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