Conceptus by Brian Herskowitz @Bherskowitz | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

Author: Brian Herskowitz

Book: Conceptus

Published: October 2021

Publisher: BookLocker

Genre: Mystery

Source: PDF

Note: The author provided this book in exchange for an honest review



At the age of fourteen, Laura Drummond is attacked on the way home from a dance and left for dead. Fast forward, she is a homicide detective for the Columbus Police Department. A tough-as-nails marine veteran, athlete, and martial artist, she is a force to be reconned within the concrete jungle of Columbus, Ohio. Feeling her work is her life, her relationships tend to be casual. But everything changes when she meets Sharon, a beautiful real estate agent.

The murder of a young college coed disrupts their budding romance. More disturbing still, the modus operandi matches the assault Laura suffered all those years ago. Then a second victim is discovered, murdered the same way. As Laura pursues the serial killer, she finds more connections to her past and shatters more lies that her parents told her.


Brian Herskowitz has riveting crime drama. We meet Laura Drummond, a police detective who lived through a brutal assault that required putting her in a medically induced coma. To say she was never the same would be an understatement. She has difficulty forming relationships, both because of her past and her career. However, when Sharon comes into her life, she finds someone she can start connecting with. When called to the scene of a murdered coed, the attack is eerily similar to her own attack. As Laura follows the clues, she uncovers a trail of lies and deception. More frightening is her realization that she is the key to the whole mystery.

Brian Herskowitz has an excellent flair for detail that isn’t overwhelming, creating a tale that is a fast-paced, absorbing read. The character of Laura Drummond balances a badass nature with a vulnerable woman in a way that is believable.

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