Humans are Weird: I have the Data by Betty Adams @Author_Betty | @kurtsprings1

Author: Betty Adams

Book: Humans are Weird: I have the Data

Published: December 2020

Publisher: Betty Adams

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Hard Cover



Humanity is strange. As several alien species begin to work closely with humans, it is becoming more and more evident. They sprinkle a substance on their food that most creatures use as a nonlethal defensive weapon. They like to adopt pets that are inherently dangerous to their alien companions. (“Isn’t it cute!”) The alien commanders have learned that if humans giggle for more than 15 minutes, it is safest to forbid whatever activity they are engaging in. Some poor alien safety officers have suffered from high levels of stress. Don’t even get them started on how humans use explosives!


If you are looking for laser battles and strange aliens looking to conquer Earth, look elsewhere. However, if you want to find yourself in stitches as aliens try to figure out humanity, you’ve found the right book. Betty Adams has decided to write about human/alien interactions from the “stranger” aliens’ point of view. The result is a book that, while not exactly a page-turner, shines on how much fun it is to read the various vignettes about the interactions of multiple species with their human teammates with such interactions leaving the aliens scratching their heads (or whatever). So, strap in and prepare for a fun ride.

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