Gilraën and the Two Cities by Joanne Reid |@kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: Joanne Reid

Book: Gilraën and the Two Cities: Gilraën and the Doom of the Adjudicars (Jaralii Chronicles #6)

Published: April 2021

Publisher: Amazon

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook


Reviewer’s note:

Again, I must apologize to my readers and the author. My father still hasn’t recovered, though my flagging ambition seems to be reviving a little. Teaching under pandemic conditions hasn’t helped. I thank everyone for their patience.


Gilraën and her agents have escaped Narwortland after gathering actionable intelligence on the Adjudicars Narwortland army. Now she must take up the defense of the Duchy of Armjurst. Yet, the leader of the Adjudicars, Machister, is not finished. Gilraën must prepare the defenses of Armjurst, both mundane and magical. She and her allies know that Machister’s forces will use both. If she makes one miscalculation, the defenses collapse.

She has to hold until King William arrives with reinforcements. Then they can break the siege and go on the offensive. Even then, however, Machister and his Adjudicars will still have deadly tricks up their sleeves.


The First trilogy (Gilraën and the Prophecy) followed a similar pattern. The first two books acted as long setups for the action of the final book. Joanne Reid likes to save all the action for the third book. Saving the exciting parts can be a problematic formula for impatient readers. When it comes to action, however, Gilraën and the Two Cities does not disappoint. Developing interpersonal relationships between characters is a strength Joanne Reid has. The battles, both magical and physical, are well thought out.

Gilraën more than earns her title of High Queen of the elves as her elves of Jaralii Wood take point in preparing the defenses and pioneering new ways to make war in this new world. The result is a fun and exciting read.

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