The Warding of the Witch World by Andre Norton | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

Author: Andre Norton

Book: The Warding of the Witch Word (Secrets of the Witch World #3)

Published: January 1998

Publisher: Aspect

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook



Things have gone all kinds of sideways in the Witch World. The Magestone, the key to the infamous gates, has been lost, opening all the gates to whatever awaits on the other side. With the potential for the forces of the Dark coming through, the people of The Witch Word must come together to close the gates permanently. Simon Tregarth returns to guide the various parties. Many heroes from all over The Witch World, from Escarp, to the Dales, even from Alizon, must answer the call to find and close the gates before it’s too late.


This is the final book of the Secrets of the Witch World trilogy.

With the loss of the Magestone, the gates have gone rogue. Already, some poor creatures have stumbled through in advertently. The Dark is summoning servants from other worlds to gain ultimate victory. The need to close these gates requires the people of the Witch World to band together. Many favorites from Escarp, Escore, and High Hallack must begin sending out parties to close the gates as the sages of Lormt search for information. Time is not on their side.

This book ties all the loose ends of the Witch Word together (though not the last Witch World story). It allows the reader to see what the protagonists from Witch World have been up to. The book follows three different parties in a search for dangerous gates, some of which the Dark is actively pursuing.

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