Gryphon’s Eyrie by Andre Norton and A. C. Crispin @anncrispin | @kurtsprings1 #review #highfantasy

Author: Andre Norton and A. C. Crispin

Book: Gryphon’s Eyrie (Witch World Series 2: High Hallack Cycle #7: Witch World #16)

Publisher: Worldbuilders Press

Published: December 2016 (January 1984)

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook



Kerovan is he of the cloven hooves and amber eyes. Driven toward the mountains and potential darkness, his Lady Joisan travels within him. However, she carries secrets unknown to Kerovan, including their child. They take refuge with nomadic horse people, the Kioga. During their stay, they run afoul of their shaman, Nidu. Nidu, jealous of Joisan’s healing abilities, reveals herself to be one who follows the dark path.

Kerovan’s need to take up the quest again grows. Kerovan and Joisan must call upon the Powers within themselves, using the force of light to fight the Dark. Upon reaching their destination, they must face their greatest challenge: That Which Runs the Ridges. They face everlasting undeath, and worse, if they fail.


It is no secret that I am a longtime fan of the late Andre Norton, called by many the Granddam of Science Fiction. Yet one of her most beloved worlds is the High Fantasy world of Witch World. There are two known regions in Witch World, the lands of Escarp and Escore in one part and High Hallack with the Waste and Arvon in the other.
Gryphon’s Eyrie is set in Arvon, near High Hallack. It picks up the story of Kerovan and Joisan that started in Crystal Gryphon and Gryphon in Glory. After defeating a darker forbear in Gryphon in Glory, some power drives Kerovan on what seems a mad quest, with him not sure what it is he’s looking for. On their quest they make new friends and are reunited with old ones. They also learn the nature of That Which Runs the Ridges. Fans of high fantasy will find this a delightful read.

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