The Lonely Whelk by Ariele Sieling @arielesieling | @kurtsprings1 #review #science fiction

22110096Author: Ariele Sieling

Book: The Lonely Whelk (The Sagittan Chronicles #3)

Published: May 2014

Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


There are changes afoot in Pomegranate City. The government now has to deal with the challenges of the bridge Door. The Globe has hired a new intern for John, an eccentric scientist, and expert on Door technology. Kaia’s first day on the job throws her into a chaotic situation which calls upon her to use calm, patience, and math to find a solution. Meanwhile, Clyde is interning with the security team of the Globe with Quin, a security problem solver. In another part of the galaxy, a spaceship traveling near the speed of light has run across a technical glitch that could jeopardize their mission. Out of nowhere, a girl from Earth named Hazel has appeared on the ship with her shop.


A spaceship has been traveling with its crew in suspended animation for six hundred years at near light speed. Upon awaking, Admiral Holland finds that she has a problem that has left half of her crew dead and a girl from the planet Earth on board. Meanwhile, in Pomegranate city, terrorist forces muster to seize the bridge door. John and Quin and their interns are all that stand in the way. The Sagittan Chronicles have always been quite quirky. I found The Lonely Whelk to be quite entertaining. The storytelling has improved, even if the idiosyncrasies of the characters maintain the quirky nature of the book. The pacing has improved as well. Well worth a read.

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