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Author: Lisa Blackwood

Book: The Gargoyle and Sorceress Tales (Gargoyle and Sorceress #1-3)

Published: March 2017

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook




Rating: Print


Sorceress Awakening

Lillian felt comforted by the gargoyle in her Gran’s maze since she was a little girl. She never guessed that he was more than just a stone statue. Then, dark creatures attack her, and Gregory awakens to defend her. That the gargoyle is her protector is only the first of many shocks. The second is that she isn’t human. She’s a dryad, a fae creature tied to a tree that stands next to Gregory’s pedestal. Gran is a leader of a witch’s coven allied to other fae creatures at war with the demonic Riven. As if that were not enough of a shock, Lillian and Gregory are Avatars to the gods, with Gregory being her protector for many lifetimes.

The Lady of Battles, and evil demigoddess, is seeking to use their power in a magic war against the Lord of Death. To this end, she has placed a demon seed in Lillian’s soul. Gregory stole her memories to slow the demon’s growth. She also has a forbidden love for her guardian. All the while, the Lady of Battles plots her next move.

Sorceress Rising

After a fight with the Riven that nearly unleashed the demon seed in Lillian and left Gregory near death, the two Avatars must rest. Gregory reverts to his stone form, while Lillian rests in her hamadryad (her tree). When they awake, the coven informs them the battle with the Riven did not go unnoticed. The human military has moved in to investigate reports of monsters, leaving her family working to avoid exposing their presence. Her hamadryad has transferred her sorceress powers to itself so the tree can neutralize the demon that was growing in her soul. Now, she must master different powers to survive the next battle against the Riven.

As if the Riven and human military weren’t enough of a complication, Tethys, an ancient siren, has risen from the depths. She seeks to tame humanity for what she considers their desecration of the earth.

Sorceress Hunting

With the Tethys and the Riven dealt with, the coven must turn their attention to the humans. The human authorities have locked down the area, realizing they’ve been sharing the world with other intelligent creatures. It isn’t just soldiers. Scientists are directing the hunt. In addition, a minion of the Lady of Battles has broken into their world, seeking to capture Lillian and Gregory. Unlike the coven, he doesn’t care to show restraint with the humans.


The Gargoyle and Sorceress Tales is a boxed set that includes the first three books of the Gargoyle and Sorceress series by Lisa Blackwood. It follows two ancient beings, reborn to the human world: Gregory the gargoyle and Lillian, a sorceress. After the last cycle of death and rebirth, Lillian was born to Gargoyle and dryad parents under the sway of a demigoddess called the Lady of Battles. This gave the Lady of Battles the opportunity to place a demon seed in Lillian. When Gregory was old enough, he rescued Lillian, erased her memories of her previous lives to protect her, and took her to live in the human realm under the care of Gran and her coven. Lillian grows into a young woman, and when evil creatures called Riven menace her, Gregory awakens from the stone slumber to rescue her.

The story is an urban fantasy. There are many quirky and humorous elements. The first book started slowly and took a while to get into. The interplay between characters is well done, and the story does pick up speed as the trilogy moves on. It’s well worth a read.

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