Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky @JordannaBrodsky | @kurtsprings1 #review #urbanfantasy


Author: Jordanna Max Brodsky

Book: Winter of the Gods (Olympus Bound #2)

Published: February 2017

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook




Rating: Print


The Olympus Bound Series sets reality and mythology on a collision course in modern Manhattan. In a city of many secrets, one of them is the Olympic gods are alive and well in New York City. Selene DiSilva (AKA Artemis in ancient Greece or Dianna in Ancient Rome) hunts in New York to protect the innocent, especially women. She has a boyfriend in Theo, a classics professor at Columbia University. When the NYPD finds the body of her Uncle Hades on Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull, it’s clear her family is in danger. Someone is sacrificing gods.

With Theo at her side, she must work with her surviving relatives to stop the cult before they reach their final goal.


Long time readers of my reviews will remember that I consider the question “What it…?” to be a writer’s most powerful tool. What if the Olympian gods were real? What if they survived into the present day, but on a lower power setting? Artemis goes by the name Selene and has been in New York for centuries, even doing a stint as a New York City cop. The moon goddess’s brother Paul (Apollo) is currently a rocker. She also has a boyfriend which is putting pressure on the virgin goddess epithet. In the previous book, she took down an old colleague for using human sacrifices to regain his power. Now someone is taking a page out of the same book, this time targeting the gods themselves. She calls on her brother and half-brothers Dash (Hermes), Flint (Hephaestus), and Philippe (Eros) for help, hoping she isn’t leading them all to their doom.

The interplay between the characters is interesting and fun, and the story has many twists and turns as they track down the cult. While I didn’t find it to be a page-turner, it did come close. Fans of Urban Fantasy will find it most enjoyable.

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