Bone Guard Two by E. Chris Ambrose @ecambrose | @kurtsprings1 #Review #Adventure


Author: E. Chris Ambrose

Book: Bone Guard Two: The Nazi Skull

Published: July 2019

Publisher: Rocinante

Genre: Thriller

Source: Paperback




Rating: Print


Upon the Bone Guard completing their latest mission, Grant gets word from the reservation where he grew up. Someone broke into the tribal center and attacked his grandfather. He returns to Arizona to find white supremacists looking for something and killing everyone who gets in their way, and a grandfather who is still distant. The white supremacists are looking for the remains of Peking Man which disappeared in 1941. With his family on the line, Grant investigates a Nazi POW camp. The clues lead from a B-29 graveyard to a U-boat sunk near Trinidad.


This story follows the further adventures of Grant (Chief) Casey, former spec ops, and founder of the Bone Guard. The Bone Guard is a company that Grant created to protect archaeological sites. In this adventure, Neo-Nazis are attempting to find the bones of a Homo erectus that disappeared as World War II heated up—the legendary Peking Man. The remains went missing when the Chinese shipped it to the United States for safekeeping. With the help of a local sheriff, members of the Bone Guard, and a family with whom he’d become estranged, he must thwart the plans of the white supremacists.

The story’s pace picks up almost immediately. Former German POWs hold the secret to one of the greatest archeological mysteries if Grant can decode the clues first.

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