14 by Peter Clines @PeterClines | @kurtsprings1 #review #horror

15062217Author: Peter Clines

Book: 14 (Threshold #1)

Published: June 2012

Publisher: Permuted Press

Genre: Horror

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


When Nate moves into his new apartment, things immediately strike him as odd. There are padlocked doors. The light fixture in his kitchen gives off a black light. Oh yes, and let’s not forget mutant cockroaches, but that isn’t the big problem in his life. He works at a dead-end job, with little money, and no prospects. So, his apartments little mysteries are more a welcome distraction from his problems. Then he notices that his neighbors’ apartments share some mysteries with his, plus mysteries of their own. The building’s mysteries seem to go back over one hundred years. Some of them may be dangerous.


Here is another book that is more a slow-burn than a page-turner. Peter Cline slowly sets up the mystery before introducing us the supernatural antagonist at the end. I’m usually not a fan of this type of setup, but in this case, it works. Nate is a working stiff in a dead-end job looking for a cheap apartment. The one he finds has a few quirks, but it’s within his budget. As more mysteries present themselves, he and his neighbors are more and more intrigued by the building. But you know what they say about curiosity and cats. As they get deeper, they find more and more clues that make little sense to a rational person, and they seem to lead to a Lovecraftian horror. 14 is a fun story and a must for any fan of H. P. Lovecraft.

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