The Mighty First, Episode 6: Closure by Mark Bordner @Mark_Bordner | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction


Author: Mark Bordner

Book: The Mighty First, Episode 6: Closure

Published: April 2019

Publisher: Independently Published

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback



Rating: Print


Minerva Corbin survived an alien invasion and brutal occupation starting at the tender age of 17. She has seen her fair share of the horrors of war. With the war over, she is now trying to reintegrate into civilian life. While the war is over, trouble is not. Earth is facing a catastrophe of biblical proportion. Earth needs to be evacuated. Adding to the trouble, their former enemy has a similar problem. The solution is the same: colonize the newly discovered world of Zero Point. Can the two sides put aside four years of hatred to face a common foe?


This is the sixth installment of Mark Bordner’s Might First series. Minerva Corbin has been trying to adjust to civilian life and the war with the Storian Empire. While the war is over, trouble is just beginning. A barrier to another dimension has opened. Earth is dying. At the same time, the Storians’ own star is within a few years of going extinct. Minerva and her husband, Mark, are reactivated into the Global Marines. A mysterious new world offers hope to both humans and Storians. Yet it is already occupied by an ancient race whose culture is collapsing. The leadership of the Greys is desperate to not appear weak.

Once again, the audience follows Minerva and her marines as the face own a new foe. The action is exciting. Yet there seems to be more to come.

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