Necessary Evil by Killarney Traynor @killarneytray | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery


Author: Killarney Traynor

Book: Necessary Evil

Published: October 2015

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Mystery

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


Several years ago, Maddie Warwick’s uncle was killed in an accident resulting from the negligence of amateur treasure hunters. With holes endangering her family’s horse farm, she forges a letter to disprove the existence of a Civil War treasure on her farm. Until now the treasure hunters have left her in peace. A mysterious Professor Gregory Randall has arrived with proof she forged the letter. Maddie is a phone call away from ruin. Her only recourse is to let the arrogant history professor stay on the property to search for the treasure himself. With an uneasy truce in place, she hopes her life will take on some semblance of normalcy. Then the treasure hunters return, even more aggressive and dangerous. Her blackmailer may be the only one she can trust.


Necessary Evil is a mystery set in rural New Hampshire. Maddie Warwick runs a horse farm, though it has hit hard times since her uncle’s death. His horse stepped in a treasure hunter’s hole and threw him. In desperation to make the treasure hunters leave her farm alone, she forges a letter to disprove the existence of the civil war treasure. Professor Gregor Randall shows up, threatening to expose her, and the treasure hunters don’t seem to have given up.

The story was hard to put down. It gives that rural New Hampshire feel and has the elements of mystery that make it hard to resist.

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