The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper @FionaRobyn | @kurtsprings1 #review #adventure


Author: Fiona Ingram

Book: The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper (The Chronicles of the Stone #3)

Published: November 2017

Publisher: Bublish Incorporated

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook




Rating: Print


Adam, Justin, and Kim are searching for the Third Stone of Power when their plane crashes in the Mexican jungle. With their guide, Dr. James Kinncaird injured, they must rely on a young Mayan boy named Tukum to guide them through the dangerous jungles to a lost city ruled by an enemy who adopts the persona of the ancient god known to the Aztecs as Tezcatlipoca (Smoking Mirror). There old enemy, Dr. Khalid is also close behind. Adam, Justin, and Tukum must play a game of life and death, and even victory doesn’t assure that they won’t be the next humans to be sacrificed.



Ms. Ingram has moved from Egypt and Scotland, to the Jungles of Mexico and into the mythology of the Aztecs and Maya. When sabotage forces their plane down, Adam, Justin, and Kim must leave the archaeologist, James Kinncaird, in the care of an uncontacted group Mayans living in the jungle. A man has taken on the persona of the ancient god Tezcatlipoca and is kidnapping people in the area in a quest for power. Weaving elements of Mesoamerican mythology, Ms. Ingram has created a mystery that once again keeps the audience turning the pages.




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