Born of Water by Autumn M. Brit @weifarer | @kurtspring1 #review #elementalmagic


Author: Autumn M. Brit

Book: Born of Water (The Rise of the Fifth Order #1)

Published: February 2012

Publisher: Autumn M. Brit

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook




Rating: Print


Priestess Niri of the Church of Four Orders is faced with an impossible choice. What started as a simple mission to retrieve a young woman who has elemental magic may have become a search and destroy mission. The girl in question, Ria, also possesses forbidden gifts. The Church has already sent the Curse to kill her. Niri renounces the Church, but that is only the beginning of her journey. She must now protect Ria from the Curse and the church. However, Ria’s friends Ty and Lavinia will try to defend her from the Church and by extension, Niri. The four companions must come to terms with their pasts and learn to trust one another if they are to survive the journey and learn the truth about the powers Ria possesses.


Autumn Brit has done a remarkable job of world building. The four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air form the backbone of the magic used on this world. Niri is a water elemental who renounces her place in the clergy when their seemingly arbitrary rules condemn a sixteen-year-old girl to death. Thus, starts a journey of self-discovery for the four companions. Niri must slowly win the trust of her companions while helping them fight off the minions of the Church of the Four orders. On this journey, Ria must learn to use her forbidden magic without attracting the attention of the Church’s antimagic enforcer known as the Curse. Along the way, they will learn about their own abilities, magic and mundane, find new friends, and love.

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