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NightfallAuthor: Andrew J. Harvey

Book: Clemhorn Nightfall (The Cross-Temporal Empire Civil War #1)

Published: February 2019

Publisher: Zmok Books

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook

Note: This book was provided on behalf of the author by iReads Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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Rating: Print


The Clemhorns are a prominent family in the Cross-Temporal Empire. Ninety years before the events of the story, the humans of the Nayarit Line left their dying world and escaped to a parallel Earth. The inhabitants were unprepared for the technologically advanced Nayarit. From there, the Cross-Temporal Empire expanded across a series of parallel Earths, along fifty-four separate timelines. Now their technology has stagnated. The First Leader of the Cross-Temporal Empire is dying, leaving council members jockeying for position.

The Clemhorns, as the lead family on the world of Etu, have some say in who would be the new First Leader. They have put forward Brian Clemhorn’s father as a candidate. Brian has four children: Conrad is the oldest and Continental leader of South America on Etu. Arnold is the second and a member of an artistic commune. Donald is the third son and a doctor of Alternate History. Ivy is the only daughter and an officer in Etu’s armed forces. When the first leader dies, the future of the Empire and their family is at stake.


I’ve always found multi-universe travel stories confusing. Andrew J. Harvey mitigated much of the problem and even made it interesting. Much of the story deals with the tribulations of the various Clemhorn adult children. Conrad and Donald tend to be problem solvers, though Donald has to be pulled out of university to help. Ivy is an officer and often dealing with troubles with locals on the European continent in the Etu timeline. Arnold lives on Mainline as an artist and is estranged from the rest of the family.

The technology does not get over complicated and does tend to be familiar. The characters are engaging and easy to care for. It was hard at first to tell when people started shifting around on timelines. The action sequences were exciting, and one could easily visualize the battles. It is a short read and a good one.

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