Bone Guard One by E. Chris Ambrose @ecambrose | @kurtsprings1 #review #adventure

40020692Author: E. Chris Ambrose

Book: Bone Guard One: The Mongol’s Coffin

Published: October 2017

Publisher: Rocinante

Genre: Adventure

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


It started as a dream by a former special operations officer. Grant Casey, after watching the destruction of ancient sites in the Middle East, put together a team specializing in securing important archaeological digs across the globe. Unfortunately, because of the hostility of academia to military expertise, the Bone Guard seems doomed to fail. Then, he meets Liz Kirschner, a researcher who may have found the secret to Genghis Khan’s tomb. It is a secret someone will kill to protect. Bone Guard has its first client.

The Bone Guard helps Liz search for clues from Massachusetts to Cambridge England to the steppes of Inner Mongolia, dodging assassins, and government police. They have a powerful enemy in the Chinese government who wants to destroy the tomb of the man who conquered China.


C. Ambrose, the author of the Dark Apostle, has branched off from dark fantasy into the realm of modern action adventure stories. Bone Guard One is a good start. It follows the story of Grant (Chief) Casey, former spec ops, and his companions as they embark on a new business venture: the Bone Guard. After watching terrorists attacking historic artifacts, he created a company to protect archaeological sites. His first job is to help a graduate student follow the clues to Chinggis Khan’s tomb. Unfortunate, the Chines Government also wants to find the tomb and destroy it—payback for the Khan conquering China. Grant Casey must keep his charges and team alive and thwart the plans of an ambitious Chinese minister.

The pacing of the story starts off slow but gradually picks up. The story brings the reader into the world of Mongolia in a search for one of the world’s great conquerors. As the mystery unravels, who will get to the Great Khan first?

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