Hand and Talon by Melonie Purcell | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

35600948Author: Melonie Purcell

Book: Hand and Talon (World of Kyrni #1)

Published: July 2017

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Krea is a young thief searching for marks on the streets of Trasdaak. When a theft turns sideways on her, a magic-wielding soldier saves her. This soldier tells her she is a Kyrni, a magical shape-shifting being. He also tells her she is nearing her first change and has to be trained. With that, they set off for the royal city. They happen upon another young thief named Dane, who also is more than just a thief. Their adventures take them through a magical forest. Soon she is embroiled in a magic elf war that threatens to bring down the empire.


Melonie Purcell has brought together the elements of high fantasy to write an epic adventure. Krea is unaware of her heritage as she prowls the streets of Trasdaak. A bit of filching goes awry, and she finds herself saved by Soran, a caller who recognizes what she is. What follows is an adventure with a reluctant partnership. Krea can’t quite leave her old habits behind. All the while, an ancient enemy dogs their steps. Meanwhile, the empire is preparing for a royal wedding that has the entire population in a tizzy.

The world building in this book is solid. Krea, Soran, and Dane seem less like a team and more like a family. Krea and Dane squabble like siblings but are there for each other, with Soran acting as the tired mentor. The story was fun, the action believable, and the magic made sense. I’m looking forward to Book 2 (Claw and Steel).

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