Dragon Song by D. E. Morris @PHASINGIRL | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

34919686Author: D. E. Morris

Book: Dragon Song (Age of Valor #3)

Published: March 2017

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback




Rating: Print


Something lingers on the air. A strange melody that renders some people helpless. It should be a time of the promise of spring. Now a new threat is brewing from the east. A warning to dragons and Gaels (people who can shift into dragon form). The new Air Elemental (Misuzu) knows this threat well. It is her father, a dragon hunter, known for his hatred of dragons. Ashlynn, High Queen of Siness and Earth Elemental, is expecting her second child. Yet, an attack by an evil shapeshifter has left her unable to touch her powers.

Dragons and Gaels attack Altaine, the capital of Siness. In the ensuing battle, Ashlynn loses her child. High King Jaryn sets out to find those responsible, calling upon allies both old and new. A secret island seems to be the home of their enemies. However, when Jaryn and his companions are captured, they find more questions than answers. An old enemy has begun to show his hand with the goal of destroying dragons, Gaels, and the Elementals.


Dragon Song is the third book in the Age of Valor series, continuing the epic tale begun in Heritage and continued in Awaking. Ashlynn is still recovering from her encounter with Jessiah. Her elemental powers don’t seem to work now when she needs them the most. An old enemy is lurking with a new ally.

The story is interesting, but much of the story is episodic, giving it a slow pace, punctuated with action. The writing style is definitely improving though the intrigue is a bit much for my taste. Once you get into it, it is a fun book with characters the audience can care about. It is an entertaining story that makes me look forward to the fourth book.

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