RECCE II by Phillip Richards @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction

32027829Author: Phillip Richards

Book: RECCE II (The Union Series #5)

Published: September 2016

Publisher: The Electronic Book Company

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Andy Moralee’s RECCE platoon’s morale is shattered. The Platoon Commander and his section are missing. Yulia is a prisoner of the treacherous Presidential Guard, and the Militia has overwhelmed their local allies. The mission has failed. The conflict they tried to contain has escalated. Union and Alliance warships have entered the fight. Unseen enemies are using the civilian population as a weapon or a shield. As Lance Corporal Moralee tries to hold his battered section together, nightmares torment him. His goal now increasingly focuses on revenge.


It is hard to represent the horrors of war as well as Phillip Richard has done while still writing a gripping novel. Lance Corporal Andy Moralee’s RECCE platoon is fighting against an evil foe while trying to hold what’s left of their moral and their humanity together. The Militia have captured their boss and Yulia (a former Presidential Guard who has no more stomach for the Guard). Their mission has failed so spectacularly that their military and that of another colonial power are stepping in. However, the RECCE platoon’s troubles are far from over. As they search for their missing comrades across the planet Eden, the book draws the reader into small unit battles and the dreadful necessities of war and the toll it takes on the soldiers’ bodies and minds.

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