The Mighty First, Episode 5: For The Brokenhearted by Mark Bordner @MARK_BORDNER | @kurtsprings2 #review #science fiction

34531837Author: Mark Bordner

Book: The Mighty First, Episode 5: For The Brokenhearted

Published: March 2017

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


Minerva Carreno could never have imagined where she would be today, and what she would face. The young cheerleader enlisted out of high school and joined the Global Marines. She faced down her fears and self-doubt, to be assigned to the 1st Combat Division. She was honed into a battle-hardened warrior. Then she had returned to Earth, fighting life or death struggles to liberate North America. No longer an innocent schoolgirl, she and the Mighty First are chasing the Storian Empire across galaxies. The end is in sight, but more sacrifices are needed. What’s more, once it’s over, can she transition back to being a civilian?


This is the fifth book in the Mighty First series. It chronicles the story of the United Earth First Marine Division, 83rd Command Regiment, 1st Battalion. The young heroine is Minerva Carreno. The fourth book, Minerva Rising, was a shorter novella with many subplots. This diffused Mark Bordner’s storytelling. The longer length of For the Brokenhearted does his storytelling ability much more justice. The audience is taken through pulse-racing action as the Global Marines complete the occupation of Denmoore and prepare for the next assault into the Storian’s home Galaxy. All the while, another force is coming into play that could make any victory a hollow one. I am looking forward to The Mighty First, Episode 6: Closure.

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