The Empire by John Reinhard Dizon @JohnRDizon | @kurtsprings1 #review @sciencefiction

36307863Author: John Reinhard Dizon

Book: The Empire

Published: September 2017

Publisher: Smashwords

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


When humanity is at the brink of extinction, the people of Earth find a new home in another star system. Once the panic and dust settle, old rivalries resurface. The Allied Federation of Alpha and the Terranean Alliance of Beta stand against the Republic of Delta and the Scorpion Empire. When the daughter of the president of Alpha is kidnapped, Federal agent Von Kilgore must rescue her. Adding to the confusion, a renegade captain of the empire is also searching for the girl. At the same time, terrorists are murdering colonists through the system. War is looming.



The concepts in John Dizon’s story are fascinating. Humanity has rebuilt its civilization in a new star system. Different cultures colonized different worlds. Humans are using genetic engineering. Terrorism is still a problem, especially when employed by fanatics. There are also people who just want to be left alone. It had the potential to be a great story. However, due to the level of intrigues in this book, the author made use of several subplots. In other words, changing points of view multiple times. In and of itself, not a bad thing, but in this case, it diffused the story through overuse. Von Kilgore is the nominal protagonist. However, the point of view doesn’t rest on him long enough for the reader to get to know him or invest any emotion in him. The story is entertaining and well worth reading.

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