Witch World Saga 1-3 by Andre Norton @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

37665003Author: Andre Norton

Book: Witch World Saga 1-3: Witch World, Web of Witch World, Year of the Unicorn

Published: December 2017

Publisher: Worldbuilders Press

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook




Rating: Print


Witch World:

Simon Tregarth is a World War II veteran on the run. He has made some powerful enemies in this world. He escapes from our world to another through a mysterious gate. Now he is in a world where magic has power. He finds new purpose serving the witches of Estcarp in protecting their homeland. A new threat rises in the form of the mysterious Kolder. It will take Simon’s new-found abilities and knowledge of war, the witches’ power, and the courage of Estcarp’s soldiers to drive back the Kolder Aliens.

Web of Witch Word

Simon Tregarth has pushed the Kolder back, but that only proves to be their opening move. He’s now married to the witch Jaelithe. A friend’s wife is kidnapped by mysterious forces. Simon must chase his foes from Karsten in the south to the swamps of Tor, to the Kolder’s impenetrable stronghold. The Kolder have also traveled through a mysterious gate to escape their enemies. They have technology similar to what Simon has seen in his own world. They also possess telepathic powers.

Year of the Unicorn

This novel takes place in another part of Witch World called High Hallack. The orphaned girl, Gillan was different from the others in her adopted home. She grew up in an abbey but never felt at home. When the lords of High Hallack pledge twelve plus one Brides to the Were Riders in exchange for help, Gillan sees her chance. She takes her place among the brides. Her gifts of seeing through illusions draw her to a man considered the least of the Were Riders: Herrel.


It is no secret that I am a longtime fan of the late Andre Norton, considered the Granddam of science fiction. The Witch World series of novels and short stories are some of the most beloved by her fans. Her science fiction was a huge influence on the writings of many authors including myself.

These are the books where the groundwork of Witch World was laid. Colonel Simon Tregarth was already a man of war when he entered the mysterious gate and came to Witch World. In many respects, the novels are more slipstream than pure fantasy. For the enemy race known as the Kolder possess many scientific and psychic skills to counter the witches’ magic. He forms an intimate relationship with the witch he saved when he first arrived. In the Web of Witch World, Jaelithe has become Simon’s wife, much to the annoyance of the other witches. Worse, she somehow has retrained her powers, usually lost when a witch knows a man. The Year of the Unicorn introduces the readers to other places on which world: High Hallack and Arvon. Gillan is an orphan of Escarp living in the Dales of High Hallack. The tales weave a magical world full of people great and small. It isn’t necessarily the greatest that are the heroes and heroines.

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