The Trilisk Supersedure by Michael​ McCloskey @MadbotMcCloskey | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction

17158362Author: Michael McCloskey

Book: The Trilisk Supersedure (Parker Interstellar Travels #3)

Published: December 2012

Publisher: Squidlord LLC

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Telisa, Magnus, and new recruit Cilreth are heading out on their third expedition with their alien benefactor, Shiny. Shiny is a Vovikan. With the advance Vovikan technology at their fingertips, they feel ready to continue their search for Trilisk artifacts and technology. They are heading for the fourth planet in the Chigran Callnir star system. This planet is the site of a known Trilisk colony. However, the ruins aren’t devoid of life. Another group of humans is interested in the Trilisks’ technology. Worse, they seem to have caught the attention of something.



This is the third book of the Parker Interstellar Travels series. The book follows the adventures of three humans. Telisa Relachik is a xenoarchaeologist. Humans have found artifacts of various alien civilizations. Before The Trilisk Ruins (book 1) no one had ever encountered an alien. Of all aliens, Trilisks are the most advanced and most mysterious. Telisa and Magnus now have a new recruit in Cilreth. They currently have an alien benefactor named they call Shiny. However, the Vovikan race’s brains don’t work like a human’s, so it makes the two species staying on the same page challenging.


When the team arrives on Chigran Callnir, they find rebel humans searching the ruins ahead of them. While the advanced Vovikan technology gives them an edge, they could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Yet something else haunts the ruins. It seems to want all humans dead, and desperate people do desperate things. The group still isn’t sure of what Shiny will do if their existence becomes incompatible with his objectives.


The books are exciting space opera with xenoarchaeology as an interesting concept. The book is fast-paced. I’m looking forward to the fourth book.

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