RECCE by Phillip Richard @kurtsprings1 #review #military #sciencefiction

24626439Author: Phillip Richard

Book: RECCE (The Union Series #4)

Published: January 2015

Publisher: The Electronic Book Company

Genre: Science fiction

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Andy Moralee only had a short time to recover. Days after waking up in a hospital in the city of Paraiso, he returns to his platoon in time to deploy deep into enemy-held territory. Their Guard allies are mounting a daring raid on a village deep in the forests of the world of Eden. The reconnaissance platoon has been given a pivotal role in the operation.

However, a series of apparent errors by their supposed allies begin to make the soldiers suspicious. Someone doesn’t want them to succeed. The Loyalist Militia has spies among the local population and the Guard itself. Undermined by Loyalist spies, with fanatical enemies all around, Andy and his platoon must keep their nerve as the battlefield situation changes.


This is the fourth book in the Union Series written by Phillip Richard. Lance Corporal Andy Moralee is a squad leader within a reconnaissance platoon (RECCE). In book three (Eden), he was injured trying to save innocent civilians from corrupt Guard troopers. Now it appears that there was more at work than atrocities committed by their allies. Elements within the Guard are trying to start a war between the colonial powers.

Andy and the platoon are tasked with helping the Guard take and hold a key position from the Loyalists. With enemies hidden among their allies, the tactical situation deteriorates. the RECCE platoon must dig deep to survive. RECCE is a fast-paced novel with a British soldier’s perspective on what future wars will look like.

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