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Author: Mark Lukens

Book: Ancient Enemy

Published: September 2013

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Horror

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Seven hundred years ago, the Anasazi People built an impressive civilization in what is now the Southwestern United States. Their disappearance is one of archaeology’s biggest mysteries. Stella is an archaeologist who specializes in Anasazi culture. She thinks she may have stumbled onto the reason for the Anasazi’s disappearance. The reason killed her team. Now she’s running from it with a mysterious Navajo named David boy in tow. It is something that has awaken after centuries of slumber. It wants things. You have to give it what it wants.


The pair flees into the Colorado mountains in a beat up old Chevy Suburban. A blizzard is closing in, and it is not a natural storm. Stella and David are carjacked by five desperate criminals. They take refuge in what appears to be an abandoned cabin, only to find themselves being toyed with by horrors beyond comprehension.



As an archaeologist, I’ve read many stories dealing with the mysteries of the native peoples in the Four Corners region of the United States. These tales deal with the lost Anasazi, skinwalkers, Chaco, and evil spirits. Mark Lukens pulls the mythology of the region together into a page-turning thriller. The force that is the antagonist for Ancient Enemy is never seen itself and is given no name. It can animate the dead, put people into a trance when they are vulnerable, and kill at will.


Stella and David, with the bank robbers Frank, Cole, Trevor, Needles, and Jose, are toyed with, picked off one by one, turned against one another, and driven mad. The entity wants something. It needs them to provide what it wants. The end result is a book I could not put down.

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