Elisha Mancer by E. C. Ambrose @ecambrose | @kurtsprings1 #review #darkfantasy

35299985Author: E. C. Ambrose

Book: Elisha Mancer (The Dark Apostle #4)

Published: February 2017

Publisher: Daw Books

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


Once a skilled barber-surgeon, Elisha has discovered his potential for the magic of death. He has rescued King Thomas, his friend. Now, he must work on his king’s behalf to stop the shadowy cabal of necromancers. They have already corrupt priests and princes. Now he must journey to Europe to warn England’s allies and foil the necromancers’ plans.

With his friends thousands of miles away, Elisha must decide whom he can trust. But, how can he recognize friend from foe when he no longer recognizes himself. Each person he saves risks the success of his mission. Every time he uses his terrible power, he strikes a blow to his own humanity.


E. C. Ambrose’s Dark Apostle follows the story of Elisha, a barber-surgeon in 14th-century England. The fourth installment finds Elisha far from home, hunting the necromancers that have threatened his homeland and his king. Now they threaten Christian Europe by attempting to rot it from within. He is seeking the Holy Roman Emperor Ludwik. However, the Pope has declared another Emperor in his stead. With civil war brewing throughout Europe, Elisha struggles to control his terrible power as he journeys between Germany, Rome, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

As with her previous books, the story is interesting. The way magic works is believable. Sorcerers have certain affinities, such as with elements. Some have affinities with death: necromancers. Elisha has a powerful affinity with death. The magical battles were exiting. That said, it took some time to get through this book. While I can confess some distractions in my private life, the book did not provide an irresistible draw to get back to it.

The book is a fitting continuation of the series and an enjoyable read.

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