Ratarra: The Legend of Damian Book 1: The Rise of Offspring by M. W. Schwartz @ratarrabkseries | @kurtsprings1 #review #fantasy

20990281Author: M. W. Schwartz

Book: Ratarra: The Legend of Damian Book 1: Rise of Offspring

Published: October 2013

Publisher: Michael W. Schwartz

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


On the world of Vidia, an idealist clan of warlords called the Kunn are bringing civilization to ruin. Citystates are being eroded by greedy tyrants and rotted from within. Once just realms are plunged into despotism and violence. The Kunn are followers of the Mari, an ancient religion that provides its true followers with supernatural powers. Guided by their harsh code, the Kunn are displacing their competitors and becoming a leading in the land.

Damian is a farm boy from Tirien who was enslaved by the Kunn. They give him the name Ratarra. After toiling in their mines for years, he escapes with his best friend Cam with a stolen horse. They are near death in the desert when a divine being empowers them to confront the Ahga, the leader of the Kunn. They align themselves with the mechanical genius Riman to resist the Kunn. However, the Kunn aren’t without supernatural help of their own. A super adapt to the Mari named Tog challenges Damian, physically and philosophically.

Damian and his allies must navigate webs of intrigue and lethal enemies on their search for justice. All the while Damian and Cam must discovering what they have become, and what the Kunn are after.


The Rise of the Offspring is an epic fantasy novel that draws on the elements of history, fantasy, and current events to weave and intriguing story. Ratarra is the name given by the Kunn to Damian. He takes the name as his own to ram it down the Kunn’s throats. The Kunn are religious fanatics. They are well disciplined warriors who spread terror in their wake, enslaving any who are not of their belief system. Once good rulers who stood up to them are eliminated, replaced by despots who allow the Kunn free reign in their lands.

The parallels between Vidia and the modern world make the story fascinating. The novel is told in an episodic fashion. Each episode takes the reader deeper into the mystery. However, the author makes more use of long exposition which slows the pace of the story down somewhat. There were a number of typos so the editing needs to improving. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing story with more to follow. I’m looking forward to book two.

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