The Greensmith Girls by Raven Snow | @kurtsprings1 #review #cozymystery

34972993Author: Raven Snow

Book: The Greensmith Girls (Lainswich Witches #1)

Published: February 2016

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Rowan Greensmith had left town to get away from her eccentric family. A family that is literally made up of witches with a tenuous relationship with the townspeople of Lainswich. Now a reporter (sort of) for a city newspaper, a family emergency calls Rowan back home. She tries to resist, but her boss finds the scoop irresistible and sends her to investigate. One of her aunts sold a chest at a yard sale. The new owner winds up dead, and there is a body in the chest.

Who killed the owner, and where did the body in the chest come from. These are questions Rowan must find answers to. At the same time, she must keep local police and reporters at arm’s length, while placating the suspicious populous of Lainswich. She also has to figure out her feelings for the victim in the trunk’s great grandson.


Raven Snow has written a cozy mystery with elements of urban fantasy. The Greensmiths are a family of witches living in the small town of Lainswich. The novella is written in a quirky, almost snarky tone. Rowan Greensmith had left for the big city to get away from her crazy family. She only comes back when a chest no one can open is sold at a yard sale, with disastrous results. With two dead bodies, ghostly phenomena, and a boss who wants a scoop, Rowan’s visit home does not promise to be restful. Throw in some town people who want them run out of town or worse, and the great-grandson of one of the deceased as a potential boyfriend and life is getting complicated. It is a fun story with some unexpected twists. I certainly would like to read the sequel.




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