Chasing Curves: A Ronan Marino Mystery by Lloyde L. Corricelli @lloydlcorricell | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

25415877Author: Lloyde L. Corricelli

Book: Chasing Curves: A Ronan Marino Mystery

Published: April 2014

Publisher: Sky Cop Studios

Genre: Mystery

Source: Paperback





Rating: Print


Ronan Marino’s story continues from Two Redheads and a Dead Blonde. Ty Wallace is a college pitching phenomenon. The boy could make it to the majors but seems to be falling off his game. A prospective agent’s secretary is found dead with Ty’s college ID near by. The best detective that money can’t buy is enlisted to clear Ty Wallace of murdering.

Working the streets of Lowell and Boston’s Back Bay, Ronan finds clues leading him to a web of blackmail, gambling, and sex. At the center of the conspiracy is Ronan’s boyhood idol, former Red Sox player Tommy Fosco. There is also Joe Baso who is aiming to wrest control of the Boston Crime family from Ronan’s Uncle Sal.

With his mobster cousin Tony and Lowell Police Detective Eddie Garcia watching his back, Ronan goes forth to clear a young man of murder. He also must see if he can put his personal life in order.


Part of the Ronan Marino Mystery series, Chasing Curves is a quirky, fun to read mystery novel. Ronan Marino is set financially resulting from striking it lucky in the lottery. A former Air Force special investigator and detective, he chooses to work as a private investigator. He likes helping people. His personal life is complex. He has a strained relationship with his father. His Uncle Sal and cousin Tony are mob. He has a doctor girlfriend who does not like the risks he takes in his chosen vocation or his family ties. The complications come to a head when she ends the relationship. Then he meets an attractive university police chief who seems to understand him better.

Besides a complicated personal life, the reader is treated to the mystery of who killed Tommy Fosco’s secretary. Is it the boy who is being blackmailed? Is it the boy’s father or uncle?  Did the renegade Joe Baso or Tommy Fosco silence her before she could go to the cops? The solution is one not even Ronan could have foreseen.


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