The Rift Frequency by Amy S. Foster @AmyFosterHere | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #multiverse

34217449Author: Amy S. Foster

Book: The Rift Frequency (The Rift Uprising #2)

Published: October 2017

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Trade Paperback





Rating: Print

The book read is a reader’s copy loaned by a local bookstore ahead of publication.


Ryn Whittaker is a brave young woman travels between alternative realities to save the man she loves. Ryn is a super soldier, altered by a race called the Roones. She, with the other Citadels, defended her Earth from monsters that travel through the Rifts from alternate Earths. She battled invaders long and hard until a young human from another alternate Earth stumbled through the rift. He opens her eyes to the reality of what is really going on. Overnight, she became a rebel to the Citadels. In the ensuing fight Ezra was shoved through the rift.

Now Ryn is traveling the multiverse looking for Ezra. The multiverse is unpredictable. There is no such thing as normal. She must adapt or die. A task made difficult by her travel companion, Levi. He is the Citadel that shoved Ezra into the rift. To win the war back home, she needs weapons, and she knows knowledge is her most valuable weapon.


The Rift Frequency is the second book of The Rift Uprising Trilogy. (The first book of the trilogy goes by the same name.) It mixes military science fiction with travel through a multiverse by means of portals called Rifts. Ryn Whittaker is a super soldier known as a Citadel. As the story opens, she is leaping between universes with her fellow Citadel named Levi. She is looking for her beloved Ezra, a human from a parallel universe who opened her eyes to the lies her masters were telling.

The story is somewhat episodic. Ryn and Levi find themselves on strange alternate Earths. There is an Earth where the Axis won WWII, a world with an acidic atmosphere, an Earth where humanity went extinct and only Robots survived, an Earth where Rome never fell, etc. Partway into the story, people they identify as Roones start tracking them. As Roones are responsible for their current plight, danger seems to be at hand.

The story focuses on the relationship between Ryn and Levi. She isn’t happy that he is the person who has her back. He pushed Ezra through the portal after all. However, as she attempts to deprogram him from being a killing machine, she finds he is a dependable teammate. Her feelings for him grow, complicating her feelings for Ezra. The story is exciting with adventure waiting around every corner, or at least on every new Earth.


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