The Pinnacle of Empire by C. Craig Coleman @KIOUSFEDRA | @kurtsprings1 #review #highfantasy

26054107Author: C. Craig Coleman

Book: The Pinnacle of Empire (Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire #6)

Published: July 2015

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


King Saxthor of the Neuyokkasin has defeated the Dark Lord. In the process, he has acquired the mantle of the Powterosian Empire. Yet his troubles are far from over. The spirit of the Dark Lord has a new vessel. Through subtle manipulations, the Dark Lord of the Dreadrac pits foes and friends alike against Saxthor.

Emperor Saxthor has gained the responsibility of restoring order and prosperity across three quarters of a shattered world. He must let the love of his life, Dagmar, marry another. He marries the daughter of the former emperor for the sake of political stability. Yet the evil surround Saxthor threatens to poison everything: his empire, his friends, his family.


This appears to be the last book of the Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire series. The suspense starts slow and begins to build. Saxthor’s first challenge is to tame a former enemy empire. He must marry the imperial princess Tottiana for the sake of his new empire. This means he must release his true love Dagmar to marry another. The Dark Lord of Dreaddrac has seized the body of the wizard of the rival kingdom of Senoshesvas. He plots to bring war on Saxthor from as many quarters as he can manage.

The many subplots and time leaps create lags in the pacing of the story that slow it down and made it hard to get into. The overall ending of the story turns dark. However, it does end on a note of hope, and perhaps a new series on the horizon. The end result is a series of plot twists that will leave the reader wondering “what’s next?”


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