The Devil of Light by Gae-Lynn Woods @gaelynnwoods | @kurtsprings1 #review #cozymystery

11993314Author: Gae-Lynn Woods

Book: The Devil of Light (Cass Elliot #1)

Published: June 2011

Publisher: Dead Head Press

Genre: Mystery

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Detective Cass Elliot has still not gotten over the emotional wounds of her own sexual assault from six years ago. When she responds to a 911 call at the home of a prominent businessman, she finds him violently murdered. Cass is stunned when she finds graphic photographs scattered across the floor of the kitchen. This introduces her to a shadowy sect called The Church of the True Believer. Cass and her partner delve into a world of blackmail and violence. In the center is a cult that has been concealed for almost a century. Their investigation triggers a brutal response. Powerful men want their identities protected at all costs.

The subsequent media frenzy and weak sheriff begin to destroy the trust within the department. As Cass and her colleagues close in on the cult’s members, more chaos is unleashed. Evidence leaves them with more questions than answers. With time running out, Cass and her partner must pull the department together for this final confrontation with evil.


The Devil of Light introduces the reader to Cass Elliot, detective of the Arcadia police force. Cass has is a tough small town detective but has demons of her own to deal with. Arcadia is a quintessential small town: everyone knows everyone and has for generations. Ritual human sacrifice is something they have little experience with. Evidence points to important people within the town. With a sheriff unwilling to confront this, Cass and her fellow officers are working at a disadvantage. Gael-Lynn Woods weaves this together, taking elements of cozy mysteries to make a real page turner. The evil is real, but how deep does it go? Does the cult itself even know? It is a complex web that neither side may fully be able to untangle. I look forward to the next Cass Elliot novel.


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