Legend of the East Road by Hamilton Hill @HillHamilton | @kurtsprings1 #review #youngadult #fantasy

26115925Author: Hamilton Hill

Book: Legend of the East Road (The Roads of Luhonono #1)

Published: October 2015

Publisher: Finerose Publishing

Genre: Fantasy

Source: ebook





Rating: Print


When engineers begin to build roads in Luhonono in Africa, strange things are set in motion. Everything in Luhonono is not as it seems. The building of a crossroad at a junction at the ancient Baobab tree has caused and upheaval, weakening the barrier between the real world and the spirit world. The evil witchdoctor, Moja, intends to take advantage of the situation. By turning the spirit mirror upside down, Moja will release on an army of demons to help him rule Luhonono.

Three youngsters, Magdalene, Peter, and Gimbo start off on a quest to find a princess and find a place of lurking evil. To save Luhonono, the trio must search for the animal legends that will help them stop Moja.


Hamilton Hill delves into the mythology of part of Africa. There is also a strong dose of African spirituality. Three young people are set on a path to thwart the plans of an evil witch doctor. Magdalene is a white girl with an affinity for the local spirits. Gimbo is a native boy who supplies local knowledge. Peter is a newcomer, representing European skepticism of all thing spiritual. The team’s chemistry seems to work and the concept in intriguing. However, the pacing is somewhat lackadaisical. The slow pace made it a difficult book to delve into. It is enjoyable, but not a page turner.


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