Harbor Ice by K. D. Mason @kd_mason | @kurtsprings1 #review #mystery

7717473Author: K.D. Mason

Book: Harbor Ice (Jack Beale Mystery #1)

Published: April 2010

Publisher: Smith Kerr Associates

Genre: Mystery

Source: Paperback






Rating: Print


In Rye Harbor, New Hampshire, a woman’s body is found under the ice. This murder is linked to another woman who was murdered in New Mexico. These two women had been companions. The woman killed in New Mexico was the aunt of Max, a feisty redheaded bartender at Ben’s Place in Rye Harbor. Jack Beale begins poking into the mystery as the threat to Max’s life increases. Jack has a personal reason to jump into action. Max is a woman he’s quietly adored for a long time. A mysterious stranger and an ex-boyfriend add to the danger as the Mystery unravels. At the center of it, all is a ring that belonged to Max’s aunt.


Harbor Ice is set in coastal New Hampshire. It contains romance in addition to mystery, with Max being pursued by the story’s protagonist, Jack Beale. As a resident of New Hampshire, I’ve been to the coast and can see the setting in my mind’s eye. When a body is pulled out of the ice of Rye Harbor, Max recognizes her Aunt Lillian’s companion, Meredith. To her shock, she sees a ring she recognizes as her aunt’s on Meredith’s hand. The ring disappears before the body reaches shore. Jack Beale does his best to help her through this tough time. An ordeal made more complicated by the reappearance of her ex-boyfriend, Andy. When police in New Mexico find Lillian’s body, Jack finds he must unravel the mystery of the ring, before to protect Max’s life.

Harbor ice is K.D. Masons first attempt at murder mystery. While the writing technique is still developing, the book has the elements of a whodunnit. The reader isn’t sure who the murder is until the end. Red herrings and relationships make the story interesting. The pool of potential culprits was not large, but complexity in the case could keep the audience guessing who the murder is. The story telling is enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing how the author’s storytelling evolves.

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