Stuck by Steven L. Hawk @stevenhawk | @kurtsprings1 #review #sciencefiction #paranormal

32392385Author: Steven L. Hawk

Book: Stuck

Published: October 2016

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Ben Walkins has a rare gift. His dreams drop him into other people’s bodies for five minutes. For this five minutes, he can do what he can to improve their lives before returning to his own body. However, his own life needs some work. He is becoming a stranger to his wife and kids. When he is hit by a car, he wakes up to the loud pounding on a stall door with a needle in his arm.

He has been dropped into the body of Billy Shoe, a drummer for a popular rock band and heroine addict. Five minutes comes and goes, and Ben realizes that he is “Stuck” as Billy Shoe until he can find a way back to his own body.


Steven L. Hawk has written and interesting “What if …” story about switching identities. Ben Walkins has the ability to enter other peoples bodies. When it happens and with whom it happens is not under his control. He goes along for the ride until at some point he can take control. Then he has five minutes before he is returned to his own body. He has used this ability to help people when it manifests. When he is dropped into Billy Shoe’s body, the rules are suspended.

The story is well written and thought provoking on a cerebral level. However, it is not a page turner. It moves at a slower pace than what I am used to. However, it is an entertaining and enjoyable novel.

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