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28963102Author: Crystal Collier

Book: Timeless (Maiden of Time #3)

Published: November 2016

Publisher: Raybourn Publishing

Genre: Fantasy

Source: eBook






Note: This book was provide by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This review is part of the Timeless blog tour.

Rating:  Print


Alexia is a heroine unlike any other. She is a hybrid of a human man and a woman of a race called the Passionate. Passionate are nearly immortal creatures. Each has special powers: the ability to heal, the ability transport people, the ability to influence minds. Alexia controls time itself. She could turn the clock back a little to prevent a calamity. She could stop time and dodge a killing blow. Now her abilities will be put to the ultimate test.

Heavy with child, she had to leave the man she loved and travel five hundred years back in time. A time just before the Soulless were created. Her goal, save people she loves by stopping an evil force that creates the Soulless. The Soulless turn people into tormented monsters who devour souls. Each moonless night they must hunt, creating more Soulless. Here, she meets people she counted friends, five hundred years before she was born. It is a time complicated by the Holy Roman Church which has been tricked by unscrupulous men to declare war on the Passionate. Time is now the Maiden of Time’s enemy. She is at risk of capture by the Church or a deadly encounter with the force the created the Soulless. All this at a time when even the strongest woman could die in childbirth.


This is the final book in Crystal Collier’s Maiden of Time Trilogy. In all honesty, I’ve never been a huge fan of time travel stories. Dr. Who was interesting since most of his stories took place in one setting before moving onto the next point in time. As Alexia made ready to journey back five hundred years, the various temporal paradoxes ran through my head. Could she somehow prevent herself from being born? How would she interact with those Passionate comrades at a time before she knew them? Could preventing the genesis of the Soulless create even more temporal headaches than it solved.

Crystal Collier managed to work through these paradoxes. What’s more she uses them to formulate Alexia’s last chapter. Much of the story takes place in the thirteenth century.  The Passionate are fighting for their lives against people who want to control them. There is a traitor in their midst. Alexia’s beloved Kiren further complicates things as a younger version of himself falls madly in love with his future wife. All this while her pregnancy is nearing its end. A pregnancy she could easily die from. All the while, the entity that causes the genesis of the Soulless is brooding, biding its time, and manipulating events like a master chess player.

Crystal Collier’s writing style has certainly matured, especially in her handling of subplots. While all three books were great, this is the best.

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