The Key to the Iron City by Donna Hawk @bydonnahawk | @kurtsprings1 #review #slipstream #steampunk

22823594Author: Donna Hawk

Book: The Key to the Iron City

Published: August 2014

Publisher: Smashword

Genre: Slipstream

Source: ebook






Rating: Print


This book is a follow-on from the Mortgath trilogy. Claire and Patrick are back home. Clair has been nervous and edgy since her adventures. In her boyfriend’s antique shop, she finds a small box that contains a secret and knows she must return it to its home realm. With her beloved Patrick at her side, she again sets off for a new world. The world the box leads them to is much like earth but based on steam engines and iron. In the Iron City, they find a world in trouble. They must decide if the machine, made long ago and of which the box contains a part, shall solve the problems of Iron City—or make them worse.


Donna Hawk has written a world jumping novel. Claire and Patrick travel to a steampunk style world where the main form of power is the steam engine. Claire and Patrick, along with their new found friend Tulie, are set against The Man, an antagonist who profits from the status quo. The descriptions of the steampunk world of Iron City are vivid without being too dominating. The tale is interesting and entertaining. I’ve yet to read the Mortgatha series, but was encouraged to add it to my To Be Read pile by The Key to the Iron City.

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