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30702485Author: Jennifer A. Fales

Book: Primrose & the Wolf (A Huxley Sisters Paranormal Romance)

Published: June 2016

Publisher: Jennifer A. Fales

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Source: eBook





Rating: Print


Primrose Huxley is the eldest of five witch sisters. An ancient curse dooms them to be unlucky in love. Primrose has it worse than the others. Thanks to her evil grandmother (who really does care) and an evil demon, Prim also has uncontrollable powers inside her. To protect innocent people and her annoying sisters, she lives in a faery town called Paradox.

Mason Géroux, is a former werewolf conman who seduced Primrose and stole a powerful item from her back in the 12th Century. Mason is now a pack Alpha and is missing his wife and enchanted locket that he stole. Worse a demon wants Prim’s power and will stop at nothing to take it. This is a signal for the Huxley sisters to reunite.


Primrose & the Wolf is an entertaining fractured fairy tale, set in an urban fantasy. It revolves around Primrose Huxley who has been hiding in Paradox and running a bookstore. There are people she is avoiding by living in Paradox. First are her crazy sisters. Second is the demon Ipos who brutally tortured her the last time he got his claws on her. Finally is Mason, a wolf-shifter she was once in love with and still has feelings for.

Word of warning, this book contains adult language and situations that put it well beyond young adult reading.

Jennifer Fales has taken elements of fairy tale and mythology and mixed them into a modern adult fantasy tale with Fae creatures, werewolves (called wolf shifters), demons, angel, and a gargoyle that runs a bar. This makes for an entertaining story. The dialog is believable (sometimes too much so), and the interplay between Prim’s sisters adds some risqué comic relief. This is a fun story that is well worth reading.

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