Elisha Rex by E. C. Ambrose @ecambrose | @kurtsprings1 #review #darkfantasy

25305716Author: E. C. Ambrose

Book: Elisha Rex (The Dark Apostle #3)

Published: July 2015

Publisher: Daw

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Paperback






Rating: Print


Elisha was a barber-surgeon of some skill in 14th Century London. He is also a master of a magic based on death and dangerously close to becoming a necromancer. When his friend, King Thomas, was forced to sentence him to death, Elisha escaped with the King’s covert help. He has been in hiding ever since and learning about his power.

Now his friends, King Thomas and Queen Rosalynn have vanished, and England is close to anarchy. He returns to London to initiate a search for his friends and finds that the necromancers have been at work. He is remembered as a saint by the peasants he has helped. Brigit, who mentored him when he first learned of his powers, seems to be in league with them.

Elisha is offered the crown. Is this an opportunity to save the kingdom from dark forces, or is it a trap set so he plays into the necromancers’ hands.


The third book in E. C. Ambrose’s Dark Apostle series, sees the one time barber-surgeon continue his battle against the deadly necromancers. Betrayal and treachery are always a heartbeat away in the 14th Century politics of the time. Add in the period’s paranoia when it comes to magic, and it becomes clear why any practitioner of magic must tread lightly. Elisha Rex continues the story with the kidnapping of Elisha’s friend the king. As a death magus, Elisha draws power from death. He kills only with great reluctance, where the necromancers kill for power.

The story tends to be a dark one when you consider the type of magic that is most prominently featured. Magic duels come alive in E. C.’s story as a magus must reach for their affinity and make connections with their enemies. All this is set against the grim backdrop of 14th Century England as it recovers from civil war. While E. C. catches the flavor of the period, the language is graspable, and the story is well paced. The ending leaves the reader eager to see what happens next.


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