The Indestructibles: Breakout by Matthew Phillion @mattphillion | kurtsprings1 #review #superheros

23221094Author: Matthew Phillion

Book: The Indestructibles: Breakout

Published: October 2014

Publisher: PFP Publishing

Genre: Science Fiction

Source: Paperback






Rating: Print

This book was received in exchange for an honest review.


The Indestructibles are back: Solar (the solar powered girl), the Dancer (ballerina vigilante), Straylight (Boy with an Alien named Dude in his head), Fury (werewolf), and Entropy Emily (a girl with a black hole where her heart should be). Their leader, the wizard Doc Silence, has gone missing, and the young heroes have stumbled from adventure to adventure, fighting crime and finding the damaged children their enemy left behind.

One of the damaged children is spreading sickness where ever he goes. He blames the Indestructibles for his condition. Meanwhile, a shadowy government agency is trying to force them to play by agency rules. The agency is ruthless and plays for keeps.

Meanwhile, the team itself is fragmenting. Solar is doing her best to hold the team together, but Fury has gone missing, and the Dancer is off on her own project. With these two crises coming to a head, Solar needs her team at full strength. To top things off, and a neon-pink haired woman keeps appearing and disappearing in the Indestructibles base.


If a person liked the Incredibles by Pixar, then they will like the Indestructibles. Indestructibles is a young adult superheroes story. A boy who was released from a villain’s experimental prison proves to be the carrier of a sentient plague. Bitter because of his condition, he is heading to the City. This leaves the team’s leader, Jane (aka Solar) with a problem. A government agency is trying to muscle in to control the team, Doc Silence is missing, and the team is not at full strength. Needing to find the secret to who he is, Titus (aka Fury) is looking for his past. The Dancer is fighting crime old school style and has been growing more distant.

The story starts  slow but quickly builds speed. There were some typos so the editing could have been better. All together, the book is fast paced and very entertaining.


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